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CONTACT ( or phone (text) 903-330-1946. There is no rental fee for this material. You request the material and it will be sent a few weeks prior to your retreat.

If we have multiple DVDS by a specific speaker you will find their material listedunder their specific name. The beginning listing is more general. We hope this helps your selection process.


DUE TO HIGH DEMAND MATERIALS MUST BE RETURNED THE MONDAY AFTER YOUR RETREAT. Please return the material in a box to prevent damage to the cases. Return to:

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The Catholic Mass Revealed (37 minutes) The DVD explains step-by-step the beautiful gift of the Catholic Mass. The DVD contains beautiful imagery from Catholic Masses in the United States. A written commentary and original score accompany the visual making this a perfect resource to explain the mass, renew your love for the mass and a great tool for groupdiscussions.

Christianity: The First Two Thousand Years
 2 discs (approximately 400 minutes) A & E

Come Follow Me, 
(34 minutes) Follow Peter’s journey from when he first heard Jesus to the post resurrection conversion when Jesus tells him to “feed my Sheep”. Captioned in English and Spanish.

The Domestic Church: Biblical Vision of the Family Joseph Atkinson, EWTN 4 discs (each episode approximately. 30 minutes)

Jesus Who Do Men Say That I Am? (48 minutes) VHS. Multiethnic/religious approach. Includes comments by Catholics, but broad in its approach. Produced by Horizon Television

The Jewish Roots of Catholicism Bob Fisher published by EWTN 2 disc (about 1 hour per disc) Traces the tenets and liturgy of Judaism to the Holy Catholic Church.

Jews and Christians: A Journey of Faith (1 hour and 58 minutes) Public Television. Based on the book "Our Father Abraham: Jewish Roots of the Christian Faith by De Marvin Wilson. It has a study guide.

The Last Supper (60 minutes) Filmed at authentic locations in the Holy Land and MiddleEast. It emphasizes both the Christian tradition and Jewish roots. Distributed by IgnatiusPress. Includes recipes for food. ENGLISH AND SPANISH soundtracks.

MarriageJust Another Piece of Paper (52 minutes) Cokie Roberts narrator, prepared byUniversity of Chicago. Provocative documentary that takes the viewer into the complexities ofthe lives of real people. Asks questions like: What happens when marriage disappears? What about the children? Is there a new inequality for women? Why did marriage evolve inthe first place? Has this ancient bond simply dwindled to a private, casual agreement? Thisis a secular video with excellent points for discussion and has gotten many good reviews from teams.

The Mass and the Bible Michael Barbar, PhD. St Joseph Communications (2 disc, 6 sessions)

Mercy of God in the Family (5 sessions of 30 minutes) by Father Benedict Groeschel. This is an excellent and realistic retreat formatted DVD. Father presents with humor and irony thefamily destiny to be the school in which human beings discover the mean of encounteringGod’s love and mercy in ordinary life. Produced by St Joseph Communications

The Miracles of Jesus (54 minutes) VHS Matthew Arnold examines thirteen miracles of Jesus and relates them to the sacraments and the church.

The Passion of Christ According to St Francis of Assisi (30 minutes) View in English, Spanish, Italian or German.

Reflections on the Mass: A Guide to Interior Participation, St Joseph Communications 1 disc.

Road to Emmaus (30 minutes) Included English and Spanish versions.

Sacred Marriage Gary Thomas 6 sessions (120 minutes total) What if God designed marriage to make us holy more than make us happy?

The Story of the Twelve Apostles (100 minutes) The History Channel

Ten Things Men Need to Know About Woman/Ten Things Woman Need to Know About Men
Father Phillip Chavez, S.O.L.T. St Joseph Communications 1 disc.

A Vow to Cherish (83 Minutes) Movie deals with the search for the true meaning of commitment and vows made many years ago.

When Two Become One: An Introduction to Sacramental Marriage, Mgr. Jim Lisante, Diocese of Rockville Center Office of Faith Formation

Why be Catholic? Marcellino D’Ambrosio The Crossroads Initiative. Discussed the answers that kept author in the church.

Why Be Catholic? (54 minutes) Dr Ray Guarendi with bonus track Catholic Dads Aren’t Wimps (31 minutes) Nineveh’s Crossing producer. Recorded in front of a male audience and directed at men, Dr Ray, a child psychologist, relate his story of his return to Catholicism after ten years as an Evangelical Protestant. Very entertaining and logical!

Ultimate Catholic Q & A Scott Hahn, Tim Staples, Father Bill Casey, CPM, Alex Jones Steve Ray and Jeff Cavin.

Yeshua/Jesus: Exploring the Jewish Roots of Jesus (85 minutes) Vision Video. Two-part documentary exploring the heritage of biblical Israel.


The Five Love Languages With questions and inventory. EXCELLENT REVIEWS BY TEAMS. Recommended for first retreat. Can be used as two long sessions or five or more short sessions, options are presented in the leader’s guide (disc 3).

A Growing Marriage with Dr Gary Chapman Live. It is a series of three DVDs: Re-issued as The Marriage You’ve Always Wanted Live! Same material
        Disc 1 Communication 101 (56 minutes)
                   Understanding and Expressing Love (54 minutes)

        Disc 2 Initiating Positive Change (48 minutes)
                   Making Sex a Mutual Joy (47 minutes)
        Disc 3 How to Share the things that Bug You (43 minutes)


Chosen and Cherished: Biblical Wisdom for Your Marriage (6 sessions approximately 45 minutes each) produced by Servant Books. Kimberly Hahn Reviews indicate that this is very woman centered.

        Session 1 A Good Wife Who Can Find?
        Session 2 She is Far More Precious Than Jewels
        Session 3 The Heart of Her Husband Trusts in Her
        Session 4 And He Will Have No Lack of Gain
        Session 5 She Does Him Good and Not Harm
        Session 6 All the Days of Her Life

First Comes Love (13 TALKS approximately 30 minutes each) produced by EWTN Scott Hahn and Mike Aquilina guide us into an understanding of marriage and family life as inspired, conceived and sustained by God. Kimberly Hahn occasionally joins the discussion of the Biblical foundations of marriage.

    Disc 1 Overview – The Trinity and the family (28 minutes) Biblical idea of the family (28 minutes)
               Upheaval of the arrival of Jesus – Fatherhood of God,                                 Brotherhood of man. (28 minutes)
               Understanding the inner life of the Trinity, the Eternal family of                    God.
   Disc 2 New Covenant of Jesus (28 minutes)
              Motives for Adam’s sin (27 minutes)

              Jesus solved many puzzles of Genesis (28 minutes)
             The Church as home
Disc 3 Your rock, solid grounds for assurance of salvation (28 minutes)
              Motherhood – A heavenly model of the Father, Son and holy Spirit (28 minutes)
             The Trinity – the difference it should make in our everyday life                             (Kimberly Hahn) (26 minutes)
             Happy heavenly home here on earth (Kimberly Hahn) (28 minutes)

            Your work as an apostle of Jesus – filling up the family home. (28 minutes)

The Fourth Cup (54 minutes) Scott Hahn explains the significance of drinking the fourth and final cup of the Passover meal and draws a symbolic parallel to Christ’s death on the cross. Produced by St Joseph Communications

The Lamb's Supper – The Mass as Heaven on Earth Scott Hahn (about 1 hour). Scott’s inspiring insights and astounding ability to convey deep theological concepts in clear and direct language help us to see Holy Mass with new eyes, to pray the Sacred Liturgy with a renewed heart, and to enter more fully than ever before into Mass. Produced by St Joseph Communications

The Lamb’s Supper – The Mass as Heaven on Earth is also available as a 13-part series with Scott Hahn and Mike Aquilima. Please be specific about which you are requesting.

The Meaning and Mystery of Marriage Scott Hahn (about 1 hour +) New marriage material that adds to stories and theology of marriage by the master communicator. Compares the marriage covenant to Jesus and His Bride the Catholic Church. St Joseph Communications

The Splendor of the Church Scott Hahn (1hour 20 minutes) First recorded in 1994 it was updated and re-released in 2009. Divided informally into segments dealing with:
        Art and Theology 

        Liturgy and Worship
        Intellectual and Cultural Achievements 
Theology and Philosophy Humanitarian and Medical Services and more

Testimony to Truth Alex Jones and Scott Hahn 1 Disc Conversion stories.

Scott and Kimberly Hahn series from St Joseph Communications. The numbers refer to the number of the DVD and correspond to a Study Manual available for use with them.
    #14 The Pope: Holy Father (63 minutes) Scott Hahn
    #15 Purgatory: Holy Fire (73 minutes (Scott Hahn
    #16 Mary –Holy Mother (78 minutes) Scott Hahn
    #17 Mary – Ark of the Covenant (64 minutes) Scott Hahn
    #18 The Saints (72 minutes) Scott Hahn

    #19 The Eucharist (78 minutes) Scott Hahn
    #20 Growth by Oath: Meaning of Sacrament (63 minutes)
    #21 Grace is For-giving and For-getting: Overview of Sacraments (47 minutes)
    #24 Reconciliation and Anointing of the Sick (65 minutes)
    #25 Marriage and Holy Orders (62 minutes)
    #29 Children: A Model for Family Growth (77 minutes)
    #30 Catechizing the Families (54 minutes)
    #31 Knowing Your Rites: Living the Sacramental Life as a Family (63 minutes)
    #32 Overworked and Under prayed.
    #35 The Catholic Gospel: More than Saving Sinners (62 minutes) Scott Hahn


The Jewish Roots of the Eucharist Catholic Productions. Explore the Eucharist as the new Passover, the new manna from heaven. (1 hour 11 minutes). Study guide available online.

The Fourth Cup and the New Passover Catholic Productions. Dr Pitre takes us through the Passover sacrifice and the Passover meal as they were in the time of Christ. Study Guide available online.

The Jewish Roots of Holy Week Catholic Productions. Presentations bring you from Palm Sunday, Holy Monday-Tuesday, Spy Wednesday, Holy Thursday, Good Friday, Saturday, Sunday.

The Jewish Roots of the Papacy Catholic Productions.

Why We Confess Catholic Productions. Eye opening Bible study on the origins and meaning of the Sacrament of Reconciliation.


The Mass: An Introduction 4 parts about 30 minutes each 4 PM Media

        Part 1 Why Go to Mass on Sunday?
        Part 2 Why a Meal?
        Part 3 Why Does the Mass Take the Form that it Does?
       Part 4 Why does the Extraordinary Come to US in Ordinary Ways?

Metanoia: A Journey with Christ into Conversion 10 sessions (30 minutes each) 4 Pm Media
Explores 10 areas of our life where conversion is often necessary. Filmed in the Holy Lands. 
Excellent reviews!

The Wild Goose The term “Wild Goose” was used by the ancient Celts for the Holy Spirit. 14 independent segments, each about 30 minutes. The first three give the foundation for the series, but after that they can be watched in any order. Frequently ordered several years in a row. Excellent reviews!


Footprints of God Series by Ignatius Press. Filmed on location with Stephen Ray they are beautiful and enlightening. This is series leads us through the story of salvation from Abraham to Augustine. A study guide is provided. The DVDs have a Spanish track in addition to English.

Apostolic Fathers: Handing on the Faith (90 minutes) Steve Ray takes you on an exciting journey to the Roman Empire and the world of the first Christians. You’ll sit at the feet of the apostles, celebrate the Eucharist in hiding, and tremble at the suffering they endured for Jesus Christ. Retrace their steps through Israel, Turkey, France and Italy. Church Fathers featured in this film are Ignatius of Antioch, Clement of Rome, Polycarp of Smyrna, Irenaeus of Lyons and Justin Martyr. Includes study guide.

David/Soloman (90 Minutes) Steve Ray takes you on a face-paced adventure through the mountains and deserts of Israel to discover not only where David and Solomon lived and reigned, but also the meaning of their lives and kingdoms. Study Guide

Elijah and Elisha: Conscience of the Kingdom (50 minutes)
        Chapter 1 Of Gods and Men
        Chapter 2 Elijah and the Dueling Deities
        Chapter 3 Elisha and the Double Portion
        Chapter 4 He has Spoken through the Prophets

Jesus: The Word Becomes Flesh (90 minutes) Join Stephen Ray as he catches fish in the Sea of Galilee, camps along the Jordan, and explores the places Jesus lived and performed his miracles. Follow the incredible journey through the streets of Jerusalem to Calvary and the tomb, to the Resurrection and Pentecost. Gain a deeper appreciation for our Savior and the salvation he purchased for the world. Study Guide

Mary: The Mother of God (75 minutes) This DVD follows Mary on her extraordinary journey on location in Turkey, Israel and Greece with popular Catholic author and speaker Stephen Ray as guide. Down-to-earth teaching on subjects like Mary’s Immaculate Conception, Assumption into Heaven, and her role of intercessor, and more are offered in an energized, high-impact style that combines the best elements of a travel documentary, biography, Bible study, apologetics course, and church history review. A comprehensive Study Guide is included.

Over Holy Ground: A Heaven’s Eye-View of the Land Where God Walked (30 minutes)

Peter: Keeper of the Keys (70 minutes) About Peter, the rugged fisherman Jesus chose to lead His Church. Filmed completely on location in Rome and the Holy Land, you will follow Peter from Galilee to Rome to discover answers about the major role of the Papacy in the saga of salvation. Study Guide

The Greatest Figures of Salvation History – A closer Look at Jesus and Mary (90 minutes divided into 2 sessions)
        Session 1 Fr. Mitch Paewas, S.J., and expert on the Holy Lands and biblical languages dialogues with Steve Ray on the life and times of Jesus and his Passion.
        Session 2 Cardinal Schunbon talks about the life and mystery of Mary and the Marian doctrines. While a professor at the University of Fribourg in Switzerland he was appointed to oversee and edit the Catechism of the Catholic Church.

The Greatest Figures of Salvation History – A closer Look at Moses and Peter (75 minutes divided into 2 sessions)
        Session 1 Rosalind Moss digs deeper into the life of Moses and Exodus from Egypt. Moss was reared in a Jewish home; converted to Christianity and for 18 years was an evangelical Protestant. She entered the Catholic Church in 1995.
        Session 2 Cardinal Schunbon talks about the life and primacy of Rome. While a professor at the University of Fribourg in Switzerland he was appointed to oversee and edit the Catechism of the Catholic Church.

The Greatest Figures of Salvation History: A Closer Look at Paul and David/Solomon (90 minutes) 
Discussion with Steve Ray, Cardinal Francis Arinze from Nigeria, and Ray Schoeman author of Salvation Is from The Jews. 


Creating Sabbath Space in Our Lives (Five sessions with two parts per session, each part is about 30 minutes) Ron Rolheiser, OMI. Videos with Values Oblate Media and Communication Corp. 2009
        Session 1: Sabbath as the First Retreat
        Session 2: Obstacles to Sabbath
        Session 3: Wedding Feast and Taking Ointment
        Session 4: Sabbath as Solitude and Reconciliation
        Session 5: The Rest in God

The Cross of Christ: A Meditation with Ronald Rolheiser 2 parts (2 Hours)

Eucharist: God’s Way of Embracing: A Meditation with Ronald Rolheiser, OMI 2 parts (1.5 hours)

Generative Discipleship: The Deeper Invitation of Jesus Ronald Rolheiser, OMI
        Part 1 51 minutes
        Part 2 52.30 minutes

Sacred Fire: An Anthropology and Spirituality of Sexuality (3 sessions) Ron Rolheiser, OMI.
Father is President of the Oblate School of Theology in San Antonio, TX Videos with Values Oblate Media and Communication Corp. 2010.
        Session 1 49.18 minutes
        Session 2 49.56 minutes
        Session 3 52.09 minutes

Secularity and the Gospel: Being Missionaries to Our Own Children Ronald Rolheiser
3 Parts (3 Hours)


The Bible Made Me Do It! The Story of My Conversion (about 2 hours, can be broken into sessions) Tim Staples. Covers time in the Marines, Christian ministry and his determination to prove Catholicism wrong. St Joseph Communications

Jimmy Swaggart Made Me Catholic The conversion story of Tim Staples, the conference speaker in Fall River in 2010. Catholic Answers
        Disc 1 The Early Years as a Baptist and as a Pentecostal
        Disc 2 Romeward bound.
        Disc 3 “I’ve Been Set Up!”

Last Call: The Catholic Teaching on Death-Judgement-Heaven-Hell (5 discs)

Staples vs Gregg: A Radio Debate a Catholic and an Evangelical Debate tradition, Mary, The Eucharist and the papacy 5 disc. Produced by Catholic Answers

Why Be Catholic? (50 minutes) Tim Staples presents a solid and persuasive tool as master apologist telling his experience as a defender of the faith from the perspective of his conversion. Produced by Catholic Answers


Love is Eternal: Reflections on 1 Corinthians 13
        The Touch of Your Hand
        Intimacies of Love

Love is Hope: Reflections on 1 Corinthians 13

A Man for All easons – Winter. Three of Bishop Fulton J Sheen television programs from the 1950s and 60s.
        Superman and Christmas – a unique comparison of fantasy and truth (24 minutes)
        Happiness is a Rainbow – Tears are like prisms composed of drops of water that create rainbows when light strikes them. This rainbow is the key to our happiness. (25 minutes)
        The Glory of being an American – The three major glories of being an American. (25 minutes)



The Basics: Addresses to the R.C.I.A. Christopher West 2 one-hour sessions
        Sex and Christian Discipleship: a reflection on the 6th
and 9th commandments 
        Basic presentation on the sacrament of marriage

The Theology of the Body Christopher West (2 DVDs)
There are 4 sessions of about 1 hour each.

Lives of Saints and Other Holy People

The Book of Ruth: Journey of Faith (91 minutes)

Brother Sun, Sister Moon (121 minutes) Focuses on the early years of St Francis Assisi.
Nominated for Academy Award in 1973.

Blessed Duns Scotus Ignatius Press (90Minutes) Italian with English and Spanish subtitles.
Story of his defense of the Immaculate Conception

Blessing Europe: The Legacy of the Celtic Saints Rainer Walde (60 minutes)

Entertaining Angels: The Dorothy Day Story (about 2 hours). A truly exceptional conversion story of an amazing woman of the 20th century.

Francis and Clare of Assisi (30 minutes)

A Hand of Peace (55 minutes) The story of Pope Pius XII and the Holocaust presents facts of\ his actions during World War II and explains how they were distorted. 2008 Ignatius Press

In Her Footsteps: The Story of Saint Kateri Tekekwitha (50minutes) Ignatius Press

John of the Cross (60 minutes) Life of the Spanish saint (1542-1591) Leonardo and Patti Defilippis play the major roles. Ignatius Press

Journey of the Heart: The Life of Henri Nouwen (56 minutes)

The Life of St Gianna Molla (52 minutes) story of this wife, mother, medical doctor who sacrificed her life for that of her child using interviews with her family and family movies. She was canonized in 2004.

A Man for all Seasons (2 hours). 1966 academy award winning picture of the live of St Thomas Moore. Moore chooses the church over his friendship with Henry VIII. Subtitles in French and Portuguese

Molokai: The Story of Father Damien (112 minutes) Based on the story of Father Damien the first priest to serve the lepers exiled there. Recently elevated to sainthood, this is a story of his life of service.

Mother of America: Our Lady of Guadalupe (35 minutes)

My Journey to Life: On the Trail of Celtic Saints Rainer Walde (73 minutes)

Bernadette 150th Anniversary of Lourdes (1858-2008). (120 minutes) Ignatius Press English/French with Spanish subtitles.

The Passion of Bernadette (106 minutes) Life of Bernadette Soubirous, visionary of Lourdes. English and French language versions, Spanish subtitles.

The Passion of Saint Perpetua: Martyr of the Faith St Paul Center for Biblical Theology (55 minutes) Includes English and Spanish languages and subtitles.


Reluctant Saint: Francis of Assisi (60 minutes. Filmed in Italy)

A.D., (2 disc, 6 hours) Filmed on location in Middle East and Europe, depicts the rising confrontation between the Roman Empire, Jewish zealots, and early Christians

Cabin 6 (25 minutes) Inspired by a true story, a rekindling of love in a troubled marriage.

Fireproof (118 minutes) This is a full-length version of the popular film about a fire captain who recaptures the love of his wife. French, Spanish and Portuguese subtitles.

The Fourth Wise Man (72 minutes) A fictional story based on Henry van Dykes classic “The Story of the Other Wise Man” Excellent! Spanish, French, Portuguese languages with optional English subtitles.

The Jeweller’s Shop (95 minutes) Karol Wojtyla (Pope John Paul II)

Lourdes : A Pilgrimage & Healing (40 minutes) Vision Video

Love’s Lasting Call (56 minutes)
        Program 1   A promise kept: The Story of Robertson and Muriel McQuilkin
        Program 2   An Enduring Love: The story of Ken and Jodi Tada

The Painted Churches of Texas: Echoes of the Home Land Sponsored by Catholic Family Fraternal of Texas, Produced and written by Tom Spencer

The Passion of the Christ (128 minutes) with study guide Subtitles in English and Spanish

Shadowlands C.S. Lewis (90 minutes, 73-minute abridged version) About C S Lewis spiritual crisis when his wife died from cancer. He moves out of the “shadowlands” of depression and into hope.