Contributions Letter



September 30, 2019

Dear Teams of Our Lady Family:

We want to THANK YOU for your generosity in contributing this past year to the Teams Movement in the United States. Thank you to the Sector Couples for being the link to seamlessly help with the flow of contributions.

Teams of Our Lady Charter sets out the responsibilities for each couple and specifically identifies the need "To give each year – by way of contribution – the fruits of one of their working days, in order to provide for the material needs and expansion of the Movement to which they owe in part their spiritual enrichment.”

The question is asked; “What are the contributions used for?” Our annual expenses typically include website, printing materials, postage, translations, and primarily leadership training and travel. Another primary expense is the tithe assessed to each country by the international body (ERI) based on GNP and membership, to support the International movement around the world. What does not show as an expense but an investment of your contribution into “promoting Holy Families.” As Pope Francis stated, “So goes the families so goes the world.” Couples are thirsting for what the world cannot offer. Teams of Our Lady couples are traveling to new area to be the face of Christ in marriage thus the increased need to fund this investment to be walking billboards for marriage in the secular world.

This past year Provinces meetings with their Team (Regional Couples) and College (Sector Couples) have increased the costs for Teams. In July 2020, we have scheduled a training at the national level for all new Sector Couples and, even though it is expensive, it is of primary importance for the Movement.

Teams are accepting contributions in three different ways:

  1. Placing your contribution in an envelope and giving it to your RC/Sector Couple.
  2. Through the Teams website, which allows you to do one yearly contribution or to contribute monthly;
  3. Through Bill Pay.

Sector Couples will again manage the annual contribution process. Responsible Couples will provide you with an envelope for your contribution. The sealed contributions will then be sent to the Sector Couple who will track, not the amount contributed, but rather the name of the couple participating (only the SR Responsible Couple, Treasurer and Secretariat will see your contribution). We emphasize here the importance of submitting an envelope even if your contribution is less than the recommended amount or if you give online or by Bill Pay. Note that cash contributions are not recommended or paying by one team check.

Remember to note on your check or bill pay your Region, Sector, and Team number. The mailing address is:

Teams of Our Lady, P.O. Box 1485, Turlock, CA 95381-1485.

Teams of Our Lady is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization. All contributions are tax deductible.

We remain in service to Christ through Mary,
Jorge & Noélia Sousa,  Steve & Glynis Sturm
US Super Region Responsible Couple,  Finance Couple