Dear Friends,

Our prayer for you and your family in this coming New Year!

Heavenly Father, You blessed the Virgin Mary with the fullness of grace. She is our model of faith, hope and love. We give this new year to her intercession and ask for her holy prayers. Place our needs into the protection of her motherly love. With her help, we want our faith to grow. Give us an increase in the virtue of hope when troubles tempt us to despair. Guide us in understanding your infinite love. And join our hearts, dear Lord, to the Holy Mother's Immaculate Heart, so that we may improve in our loving everyone unconditionally, in imitation of our Savior, Jesus. Amen.

Wishing you a safe, joyous, and peaceful New Year!

God's Bless,
Ellen and T.J. Holt
US Super Region Responsible Couple
Teams of Our Lady
T.J.: 281-684-3353
Ellen: 281-684-5927

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