XII International Gathering of Teams of Our LADY 2018

Monday, July 2018

As we arise in Lisbon, Portugal, on this beautifully, cool day with sunshine streaming down from a glorious cerulean blue sky, we can only feel blessed. We are to attend the Teams of Our Lady International Gathering with approximately 9000 pilgrims from around the world! We are joining together from the four corners of the globe with the common goal: to learn how better to live our lives of faith and to strengthen our conjugal marriages. To share our mutual love of Teams of Our Lady and to grown in our knowledge of it—and then to bring this new-found knowledge back to share in our local Teams. It is a humbling experience! We have just arrived at the train station to board our buses for the short journey to Fatima, and, already, we witness the effects of years of preparation on the parts of the organizers. As we line up, we hear so many different languages spoken by people around the earth with the common desire: to come together on “the path that leads to holiness” (Fatima 2018: Liturgical Guide, 1). And what better place than Fatima where over 100 years ago our Blessed Mother appeared in a field to 3 small children and asked them to spread her message of prayer and penance for the conversation of sinners and bring peace to the world.

While here, Teams of Our Lady pilgrims will be learning about the topic of this event: “Reconciliation, Sign of Love”in connection with the Gospel of the Prodigal Son (Luke 15: 12-32). We are excited about this opportunity! We encourage you to access the Fatima International Gathering website so that you, too, can make the step-by-step journey throughout the conference. Just access endfatima2018.pt. Then press EN to indicate that you wish to see the material and the events in English. As we line up, we cannot help but feel the love of Our Blessed Mother who has been waiting and intervening for us on our way to Fatima.

This morning, I along with hundreds of other pilgrims, wait for our buses to carry us to Fatima. I, like many others, was overwhelmed by the precision and obvious intense planning that had gone into making this event the best it could be. (We were told that the event was 2 years in the making! I believe it!) Despite the hundreds and hundreds and hundreds of individuals who waited excitedly in anticipation, speaking different languages and displaying the distinct characteristics of many cultures, there was nothing but precision. We waited in our assigned lines, went to our assigned buses—clockwork!! The ride to Fatima was a lovely one. The ribbon of modern highway rolls through the bucolic, lush green hillsides. The tiny village of Fatima was is sharp contrast with the overwhelmingly expansive Fatima grounds that profess to all who enter the miracle and wonder of our Lord, Jesus Christ and his Blessed Mother. We knew immediately that our few days here would be like no others in our lives.
As we went into our pre-assigned hotels, the hard work of volunteers was evident in everything we experienced. Order. Precision. Kindness. Generosity of spirit.

Certainly, the highlight of the first day occurred when we began gathering in the plaza beneath the giant metal crucifix, as a cool breeze fed the excitement of the multitudes. Pilgrims gathered together with their respective countries, many dressed in their countries’ colors or dress, waving the countries’ flags. The enormity of the event became increasingly evident as more and more and more people gathered—all here to serve the church and to give themselves to God.

Our procession into the mammoth Basilica of the Most Holy Trinity reminded me of a river of color as almost 9000 Teams members flowed through the doors and to their seats for the opening ceremony. By far, the Teams from Brazil dominated that sea of humanity in the bright yellow shirts that seemed to energize them and heighten the enthusiasm of everyone present. Although different languages were spoken during the ceremony, the headsets provided by the event organizers insured that everyone attending understood every portion of the presentation. A live orchestra and choir set the mood for the ceremony as a soloist sang. Children danced with grace around the expanse of the front of the Basilica, only to finish with their hands raised in adoration to the crucifix of Christ that stands prominently before the altar that is covered in gold mosaics. The crowds joined in with the chorus, chanting “For love, with love, in love, walking, celebrating...”

Certainly one of the highlights of the event was the parade of flags from all the countries where Teams of Our Lady exists around the globe. Many of the flags were carried by leaders of Teams in their countries, often dressed in their native dress. This was especially impressive with individuals from Africa dressed in their colorful native clothing. As flags from different countries were presented, Teams members from those countries waved excitedly and applauded enthusiastically.

A hush of reverence captured the crowd as starkly white statues of the children Francisco and Jacinta were carried up to the altar in a solemn procession, and were gently placed, kneeling in prayer, beside our Blessed Mother. And the multitudes continued to sing, “For Love, with Love, In Love. Walking/ Celebrating, Returning.”

There was a rapt stillness as the multitude listened to Pope Francis’s apostolic blessing to the group. His message will be remembered in everything done by every individual during the conference. Pope Francis reminds us to recognize ourselves as sinners. We must again turn toward God. We must remember that Christ on the Cross always has his arms open to each and every one of us. We can never forget that no one is turned away from His love. We, as mere humans, must seek God where He wants us to meet us, not where we are. We are His lost sheet. And we must recall the tale of the lost sheep. When the one sheep is lost, we do not turn our backs on the 99 others. We have love for all 100; but we must find the lost one. It is only after we find that one lost sheet that we can return, loving all 100 again.

As members of Teams of Our Lady, we must always help those who are lost or in need. We must love everyone. We can never turn our backs on those who are in need our God. It must be our mission to help others.

It has been a wonderful day! We look forward to tomorrow!

Tuesday, July 17, 2018

We again woke to a perfect day—blue skies, bright sunshine, a temperate climate. As we meet for meals, Team meetings, masses, discussions, etc., we are meeting amazing people from around the world. And despite the fact that we may not always speak the same language, we communicate—and enjoy doing so.. We see more and more that we are from many nations, but we are united in love for Christ. This brings us together and draws us closer together. Even when our communication is not perfect, we realize that by sharing about our own lives, we share common values and faith. It is a beautiful thing.

At meals, we are able to learn so much about the wonderful people around us. Their stories of their children, homes, and experiences are so similar to our own. We share so many smiles and laughter. We do not want the bonds that are developing to be broken.

More and more our rapport with others is growing. It is a joy to share, for we have so much in common. We realize that even when we are thousands of miles apart, we share our faith. We share our love of Teams of Our Lady. This attitude of love and support was nowhere clearer than the resounding support the 9000 pilgrimages show for Syrian teams. We all know the suffering of their country, and we all want to show them our love and support. Teams of Our Lady is a family, and we want to show the love and support of FAMILY.

We attended mass together in the Basilica. All 9000 of us. I was in complete awe. Again, we used our own languages, but we communicated the same things. There was a feeling of an overwhelming love of God. Sharing the sign of peace among people from different nations with different political ideologies took on a new meaning. We are all children of God who love one another as God loves us. The thing that inspired me the most was all 9000 pilgrims partaking of the Eucharist. Amazing!

Our day was filled with wonderful activities. We were broken up into Teams made up of individuals who share a common language. Then we shared about Teams at home. Although there may be some differences in the format of our meetings, in our piloting process, etc., we share the foundations of Teams. We are enthusiastic about the gifts that Teams of Our Lady brings to our marriages and to our families. We are anxious to share so that we can learn from one another. What a joy this experience is! I look forward to meeting with our new international Team again today! What a huge gift!!

A presentation on the new study topic, “Reconciliation, Sign of Love” was delivered by Father Tolentino de Mendonca, who was recently appointed by Pope Francis to be in charge of secret archives in the Vatican library. He is also the author of numerous books. The thread that will run through the entire international meeting is the gospel of the Prodigal Son (Luke 15: 11-32). Father Tolento related that this well-known tale is relatable to most of us in our daily lives in our modern society. Today, our children constantly ask for things. And, as parents, from the time of the birth of our children, we give them things: we give them life, our time and presence, food and shelter, comfort, our experiences, etc. Eventually, they ask for their freedom. To become adults they must be given the freedom to go forward in life, making mistakes and learning and maturing because of them. When we give our children freedom, we are also giving them our hope, which can be likened to love. We worry about whether they are ready, and this is painful. We are also God’s children, and He loves us as our Father. God also gives us freedom in life. It must be terribly painful for Him to watch us making the mistakes we make. However, His love is so great for us that He sees beauty in us in a way that we cannot imagine. He does not give up on us. We must ask what God’s love means to us. We must stop to question what His love means to us. We must ask if we will accept this gift of freedom and treasure the inheritance of the love God gives to us each and every day.

This is a fascinating topic, and it will be enlightening to learn more each day. Discussions with others made me realize how profoundly the message affected others. One couple shared that they felt that the theme of the Prodigal Son made them think of Pope Francis and his more accepting attitude to divorced people and their great desire to feel welcomed by the Church to “come home”.

After the sun went down, we gathered for the rosary and a procession. I was completely awestruck at the beauty of the hundreds and hundreds of people who came together to worship Our Lady of Fatima. We learn that the “rosary is the equivalent of reciting a love poem, in which, by repeating the same words, we allow Mary to guide us to the mystery of God’s love in Christ” (Fatima 2018, 31). I can think of no better description of the recitation of the rosary and the procession last night. Overcome by our love for our Blessed Mother, we could offer up all our love to her, united with the love of thousands of others. To process, offering our complete devotion and homage to her is life-changing.

I can’t wait until tomorrow!!

Wednesday, July 18, 2018

It is another glorious day at Fatima! Although the sky appears, at times, a bit overcast and a light jacket is sometimes needed, it is a glorious change from the 100 plus degrees in central Texas. There is joy in the faces of the pilgrims that have become more numerous—I feel it the joy experienced in the hope that our Blessed Mother promises us always—but, especially, in this holy place.

As our days pass as pilgrims of Teams of Our Lady here at Fatima, our friendships grow, despite the ever-present language challenges. As time goes by, our experiences together grow, and a bond grows. And as our knowledge about Teams of Our Lady grows, our commitment to serve the Movement is enhanced.

Among my favorite things about our time here is the meals, not because the food is so wonderful (of course, it is fine!), but because we have the opportunity to share a meal with an individual from another country with a different, culture, and identity. As the international gathering proceeds, we can share more impressions of the things we are learning, as well as things about our countries, jobs, families, etc. I realize more and more that despite our differences, we share far more commonalities. We can understand and empathize with fellow Teams brothers and sisters because our lives, with our joys, concerns, and sorrows, are not that different. And most importantly is our deep love of God and our devotion to our Blessed Mother, qualities that we bring to Teams of Our Lady on a day-to-day basis.

It has also been a immense pleasure to become part of a temporary team composed of five couples and one priest, who acts as our Spiritual Counselor. We are from the U.S., Portugal, France, and Brazil, yet we speak English as a common language (Most of the time!) We have discussed aspects of the study topic on “The Prodigal Son”, and have shared happy times, as well as very difficult ones. I must admit that I had never expected that these couples from other countries and cultures would share so honestly and openly within such a short time! What a blessing it has been to have a knowledgeable, compassionate priest to guide us in the direction that we would most benefit! These individuals are far more than people who were assigned to a group. In a few short days, we have begun to develop as Team that I would love to have the opportunity with which to meet again and again. Especially if I learned Portuguese!

Today, our day began, as they always do, with prayer in the Basilica of the Most Holy Trinity. I do not believe that I could ever become anything other than awe-stricken when I stand in this magnificent structure. And to be there in meditation, reflection, prayer, and praise of God with 9000 other people who share my love of God and Teams of Our Lady is nothing short of extraordinary! Today prayer and mass were in English. What a delight it was to be able to pray and sing in English, while others did so in other languages all around me! I am always filled with joy that no matter where in the world we live or what language we speak, we, as Catholics, share the same mass, the same prayers, the same love of God. Of course, as an individual who lived in New Orleans for 25 years, it was a thrill to sing “The Saints Go Marching In!” with an amazing choir and hundreds of individuals who shared my enthusiasm.

By far, one of the biggest surprises I have received here is The Caminho. A musical performed by extraordinarily talented actors, it is based on true events that shaped a man’s life whose mother grew up in Fatima and was greatly devoted to Our Holy Mother. As the play progresses, we meet believers and doubters—those whose faith is unflinching and those who are skeptical. The singing, music, and dancing are outstanding. Direction has cleverly utilized slow- motion movement and dance to simulate battle scenes. The set is austere and haunting. This troupe of young, talented actors utilize their thespian talents to teach us the power of Our Blessed Mother’s healing. The fact that every miracle that appears within the frame of the play is based on an actual miracle from Our Lady of Fatima, makes the message all the more poignant and thought provoking. This play makes us sit back and reassess the strength of our own faith. After viewing The Caminho, there can be no doubts about the reality of miracles, particularly when Our Lady of Fatima plays a role.

Among the chief topics for discussion today was Father Henri Caffarel, our brilliant founder, whose wisdom and insights into the beauty that lies in marriage were formulated far before their most beneficial time. Father Angelo Paleri from Italy spoke about the current state of the cause for Canonization. Father Caffarel, the profit of our time, has given us brilliant insights into developing stronger marriages that transcend his time. Marriage is not just a bond between a man and a woman. He related, “In the middle of these couples gathered together in an apartment, is the intense presence of the living Risen One, who is attentive to all, and loves each person just as they are.”

Here at the 12th international meeting of Teams of Our Lady, it is illuminating to realize Father Caffarell’s call for these meetings shortly after Teams of Our Lady was founded. In 1954 in Lourdes, the 1st pilgrimage to Lourdes was held as “A necessary gesture” to the many couples who did not know the potential realities that existed for marriages. He saw the international meeting as “a necessary gesture”. It is, he said, “one of the joys and the prides of our generation.” Through the international conference, couples could be put into the service of the church to work with all their strength to transmit knowledge to other couples. He felt that this was a gesture of gratitude to God, “the giver of all gifts”. He continued to say that “we have no right to keep this knowledge to ourselves. Since we received from the Church, we must give back to the church.” And Father Caffarel’s vision is still being manifested here in Fatima in 2018. He was definitely a man ahead of his time.

Among the ideas advanced in today’s presentations was research on the growth of Teams of Our Lady, what Father Caffarel called “formation”. After what became an explosion of growth in Teams after 1947, Father Caffarel focused on the need to grow Teams gradually with human love, marital love, the sacrament of marriage, and conjugal spirituality. Today, as well as then, we must grow slowly, with an emphasis on progression to the spiritual.

Today, Teams members also attended the Exposition Center in order to learn more about the history, organization, and nature of Teams of Our Lady. Booths were set up and manned primarily by the Super Regions. They were manned by Team members who game valuable insights into Teams. What a wonderful opportunity it was to speak to individuals who could share their knowledge and experiences in the Movement! It was a special joy for me to meet and talk to a young man from Lima, Peru, a city where I once lived. From him, I gained insights into how effectively Teams of Our Lady has been assimilated into this extraordinary South American country. As I visited various booths at the Exhibition, I also learned that Teams exists in Angola—again, another place that I once lived! When I entered the Exhibition, I never expected to gain so much fascinating and valuable information! What a pleasure it was to have the opportunity to speak and learn so much from such kind, enthusiastic individuals who want to share their insights into the Movement with anyone that has an interest.

Every day has been an adventure! I look forward to tomorrow!

Thursday, July 19, 2018

Again, we are enjoying an overcast, temperate day!! In the evening, we even need jackets! And we hear that central Texas is bathing in the hot sunshine and 100+ degree heat. We feel that the weather itself is a blessing!! But our entire experience here at Fatima is a blessing!

We have learned so much from acclaimed experts in theology and theological events from around the world; however, I believe that we will remember the friendships—both old and new —-that we have established and rekindled that we will always remember and cherish. Despite the presence of almost 9000 members of Teams of Our Lady, we always seem to “run into” old friends whom we have not seen in a year or two or more. We initially met at Teams of Our Lady events in the United States, and “here we are in Portugal”, meeting again after too much time, it seems! The time between meetings quickly disappears as we recall old times shared together.

And each day we get to know new friends more and more. Again today we met with our “mixed team” that is comprised of couples from the U.S., Portugal, France, and Brasil; and, despite limitations related to different languages, we share the stories of our backgrounds and our lives. We have a Team meeting, not much different from the meetings with our Team back in Texas! Since the topic that runs through the entire conference is the parable of the Prodigal Son, in our mixed Team we have contemplated complex questions from our daily lives that are relatable to those encountered by the characters from the parable. For example, we shared our perceptions about the following: “If the protagonist of this story is a merciful father, full of suffering with the disaffections of his children, let him talk to you. Share your feelings with your brothers on the Team.” ... “What shall we think of a son who ‘obeys’ all others, but cannot love his brother, preferring to criticize the Father for his attitude of mercy?”

As we discuss our answers, we peel back the veneer of protection that we use to conceal the difficulties of life. I am still in awe that, after only a few hours together, we open our hearts to one another, sharing some of the most difficult incidents in our lives; and in so doing, we help one another. I feel the compassion and love of my Team members. I feel the love of our Lord flowing forth from them. We may speak different languages and have grown up in different cultures, but we share common values. After the meeting, we share a meal together, laughing together like old friends. We share the bonds of individuals in Teams of Our Lady who witness the grace and mercy of God. Like the prodigal son, we have experienced the unquestioning love and forgiveness of our Father. Our bond will not soon be forgotten. What special new friends! They have a new home away from home: our home—Dripping Springs, Texas!

So often we hear of suffering on the evening news, but seldom do we have the opportunity to learn about it first hand. We had the honor of hearing the true story of the Emeritus Archbishop of Mosul and an Apostolic Visitor, Georges Casmoussa from Iraq. That he actually escaped the unbelievable travesty of the life he lived in his home of Iraq to speak before us today is itself a miracle. Archbishop Casmoussa told us of the reality that is the life of Christians in countries like Iraq and Syria today. He informed us of the Daesh, a kind of death cult who use religion to legitimize the destruction of Christians in the Middle East. Men, women, and children are killed indiscriminately. According to UK Prime Minister David Cameron in 2015, Daesh “is neither a true representation of Islam, nor is it a state.” It is an Islamic organization of destruction. Arch-bishop Casmoussa told of the wholesale destruction of Christian property and the murder of countless Christians. Christians have been forced to flee for their lives, never able to return to their homes again. And the Daesh operate without fear, supported by countless powerful individuals and institutions. Archbishop Casmoussa, himself, was captured and jailed for 3 years, and was freed only because of the pleas for freedom from the Pope.

In the 20th Century, 20% of the population in the area were Christian. Today that number is 8 %, and it is falling. Something must be done. Archbishop Casmoussa asks for forgiveness of the Daesh as the only viable solution. Only through a true attitude of forgiveness and reconciliation can the position of Christians in the region be restored. Money is not enough. International organizations must join to eliminate religion as an element of power. True radical programs must be installed or this destruction will continue. According to Archbishop Casmoussa, the reality is that survival of these Christians within their own country is unlikely. Emigration is the only viable solution. As Christians in the west, we must band together in solidarity to help our brothers. We must join together to save our fellow Christians and their culture. Only forgiveness can heal these wounds.

There are so many aspects of this meeting that will not soon be forgotten. However, one presentation that touched me to the core of my being and that I will forever hold close to my heart was Sister Angela de Fatima Coalho da Silva’s presentation about the Fatima Apparitions. Among her many qualifications was her position in 2009 as vice-postulator for the canonization cause of the little shepherds Francisco and Jacinta. In 2012 she was appointed Roman Postulator for the same Causes which happened on the 13th of May 2017. And since then she has been the vice-postulator for the Beatification Cause of Sister Lucia de Jesus. Obviously, her knowledge of the apparitions is exceptional. However, not only was her talk memorable on a cognitive level, for she is obviously an expert on the apparitions; but an individual cannot easily leave one of her presentations without feeling her deep emotional bond with the events surrounding the apparitions of the children. Her knowledge and experiences lead us closer to becoming true believers in the depths of our hearts.

In Sister Angela’s characteristic vitality and enthusiasm, she communicates the message of Fatima to the men and women of the twenty-first century. We can experience God through Our Lady, and we must do so. Fatima allows us to experience God; it is a school of faith with the Blessed Mother as our teacher. At Fatima we can know God and experience our faith. Between 1916 and 1929, three little children held fast to the instructions of Our Lady, never deviating from their stories that embodied her teachings. They lived her message loyally. Through them we know the love that the Blessed Trinity has for us. We know that God loves us through the most ultimate mercy. We can never doubt that the Trinity is love and that, through it, we can experience God.

Sister Angela relates that despite the difficulties of our time, God continues always to walk with us. Yet God also entrusts us with the welfare of our brothers and sisters. We cannot turn our backs on the needs of others. It is essential that we do as Our Lady wishes. As Cardinal Ratzinger teaches, Our Lady is our model for Christ. She appeals to all of us to pray the Rosary. We must trust Her in the Rosary, for it transports us to join her and molds us. She leads us directly to Christ.

Sister Angela’s words and teachings give us the direction we need to grow closer to God and, potentially, to assist us in making this a better world.
Thursday has been a wonderful day! I cannot help but feel that I have been handed specific instructions on how to grow in my faith and my love of God.

Again, I look forward to tomorrow!!

Friday, July 20, 2018

Today we began receiving our instructions about leaving Fatima—hotel, bus, luggage, etc. We leave tomorrow at midday!!! It is hard to believe that our stay here is almost over. Truly, I cannot call this a “stay’, for it has been “a journey”—not of miles or hours—but of faith. We leave with a heightened awareness of the overwhelming presence of God in our lives. We leave also with a greater appreciation and love for Teams of Our Lady! I have loved Teams of Our Lady for many years. I know what Teams has done for my marriage—how it has enriched it and the marriage of countless other couples! However, there is something wonderful and, at the same time, a bit overwhelming, to sit in a Basilica with 9000 other individuals who hold that same love and appreciation in their hearts. I am so very thankful!
This year’s international study topic focuses on the parable of “The Prodigal Son ” (Luke 15: 11-32). This parable challenges us in so many ways: Why does the youngest son ask for his inheritance at such a young age? How can the father accept him back with open arms after he has squandered a huge amount of the family fortune? Why hadn’t the older son communicated his consternation about his anger regarding his younger brother when he left? This list of questions is lengthy. However, as we study, it is very probable that there will be discussions regarding merciful justice. For this reason, Father Jacinto Farias’s presentation on merciful justice is of particular interest to us.

Father Jacinto Farias’s, the Spiritual Counselor to the ERI gave an enlightening presentation on “Experiencing God’s Compassionate Justice.” We were reminded always to care for our neighbors and the people on the fringes of society. We must imitate God in everything we do and be indifferent to no one. In addition, when we give to others in a significant way, we may then have a true encounter with the Lord. In the parable of the woman who was caught in the act of committing adultery and was to pay the consequences with her life (John 8: 1-11), Jesus saves her by directing this admonition to her accusers, “Let the one who has never sinned cast the first stone.” He kneels and begins to write on the ground with his finger. He does not stop to castigate the woman; he does not rant angrily at her. He does not stare at her with eyes that are filled with blame and anger. Instead, he turns his gaze away from the woman and, in doing so, he gives her respect. Jesus forgives her and saves her from being stoned to death. Her life is saved because of the mercy of God. She may then return to her husband, even with her shame, who will forgive her. Together they can then reconcile and become true followers of Christ. They may become members of the community of Jesus, and their vision of justice will be a merciful one. Particularly in modern society, mercy does not always relate to justice. Often today’s judicial system operates with a set of laws that must be followed “to the letter.”

This system of justice is decidedly different from the system of God. With God, mercy is given even when we are not deserving. We must question the morality and ethics of a judicial system that hands down punishment without the presence of mercy. Love, alone, is capable of the sensitivity and empathy that lead to true merciful justice.

Pope John Paul II reminded us that God has a compassionate heart, and we can never forget this. We, as humans who are full of preconceived attitudes and selfish perceptions, are incapable of merciful justice. Only God has this capacity. God, like the father in the parable of the Prodigal Son, is all-loving. His love is so great that even when we make poor judgments that hurt Him, he, like the father, is able to open his arms to embrace us in an out pouring love like no other. His mercy leads to justice. Indeed, his forgiveness of our sins—his pardon—is the most perfect form of love. In pardoning us, as sinners, he shows us the most perfect form of love. We can never forget this! We sin. We hurt ourselves. We hurt others, but God is our loving Father who sees us as his beloved children whom he loves completely. God will forgive us. Only God can show us mercy and total love. His loving mercy brings us salvation. His loving embrace is one of mercy. Keeping this in mind, we can never forget to place God in the very center of our lives, for the love of God transforms everything.

As we leave Fatima for the outside world, we must hold fast to the knowledge of God’s infinite love for mankind. We must strive to live that love every single day.

Today the Teams of Our Lady members, all wearing their periwinkle blue shirts, with American flags engraved proudly on the sleeves, congregated on the steps of the Basilica for a photograph. This was no easy task. It was a bit like “herding cats”— shall we say “seemingly impossible”! Under the brilliant pale blue sky, white wisps of clouds danced across the sky, pushed forward by a brisk breeze. As we were directed to stand on the steps in an orderly fashion that facilitated capturing a photo of our smiling faces, we were like children in a school yard, too excited to stand still. We eagerly talked to old friends, met new ones, and planned on meeting new friends! We had a wonderful time, to the chagrin of our photographers! Eventually, however, the deed was completed, and we will, hopefully have a wonderful photograph to capture this magical time at Fatima.

As we leave Fatima to return home to our families, our friends, and our Teams, we must keep Father Caffarel’s recommendation in mind: “More love in the home, more charity in the teams and more energy in our mission....”
God Bless!! Chris