Christmas Message from the Super Regional Couple:

We want, from the bottom of our hearts, to wish you a joyful and holy Christmas immersed in the Lord’s love and mercy and a healthy, joyful and full of grace New Year lived in the service of the Lord to His and our brothers and sisters, especially those lonely, poor, fearful and marginalized.

Teams of Our Lady movement is entrusted to the Mother of Jesus for it is Her who brings Him to us and takes us to Him. This continuous “encounter” with the Lord leads us to “leap for joy” for the Savior is in our “midst.” This encounter and joy is supported, deepened and solidified in our team meetings where we receive encouragement, guidance, and prayers and are also challenged to continue on the journey.  We are truly blessed by this support of a Team and the movement has provided us with a method, a rule, to deepen this “encounter” with the Lord: The Endeavors. By faithfully persevering in the regular reading of the Word of God, meditating on its message to us individually and to us a couple, praying daily with our spouse, and family when applicable, we grow in holiness. We must remember that “everything withers when prayer is missing, everything is reborn, ripens, when prayer is present.” (Fr. Caffarel, Rome 1970.) In taking time for the “sit-down”, honestly developing a rule of life and participating in the yearly retreat we take time to evaluate plans and redouble our efforts for the journey.

If we truly have profited from Teams of Our Lady, have grown in holiness and married spirituality we must, as Mary did, take this gift to others so that they more fully “encounter” the Lord and dance with joy. Pope Francis address to Teams in Rome underlines this need for evangelization both within Teams and in our society:

Indeed, I would like to insist on this missionary role of the Teams  of Our Lady. Every committed couple certainly receives a great deal from its Team experience, and its conjugal life is deepened by refining itself through the spirituality of the Movement.  However, after receiving from Christ and from the Church, a Christian is irresistibly sent out to witness to and pass on what he has received. “The new evangelization calls for personal involvement on the part of each of the baptized”.

(ApostolicExhortation Evangelii Gaudium, n. 120).
Christian couplesand families are often best placed to proclaim Jesus Christ to other families, to support, fortify and encourage them...”
(Rome, September 10, 2015)

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